If you have a magic wand like the Hitachi or one of its many competitor massagers, it’s totally worth it to look into the world of wand accessories. While the powerful vibes of my magic wand do it for me, more than just my external bits often need attention. Wand Essentials has a variety of options for those looking to add a little something extra to their Hitachi experience. I was lucky enough to try out four of their attachments, and while some were up my alley and others weren’t so much, it’s definitely clear that there’s a body-safe, easy-to-use attachment from this brand for everyone.

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Made from body-safe silicone, these attachments are affordable and easy to use. They’re made to fit any standard wand, so no matter what brand you own, you’re set to enjoy these attachments as well as others by the same company. (I used Adam & Eve’s Magic Massager.) So, without further ado, here’s my take on the four attachments I’ve tried and tested.

Bubbling Bliss Anal Stim Wand Attachment

There are so many good things to say about this attachment! Whether you’re an anal novice like I am or a more experienced user, there’s reason to enjoy this bead-like attachment.

I’ll start with the gradual increase in girth of each bead. There are times when I use an anal toy and I can absolutely tell after, which I don’t always enjoy. When I use the Bubbling Bliss Anal Stim attachment, I’m able to control how much attention my backdoor gets. I’ve used most of the beads (all but the last one), or I’ve used just the first two or three. It’s really up to you how deep and thick you want the penetration to be. And that user-controlled flexibility is awesome!

I really felt that the power of the vibrations traveled well along the shaft of this attachment. I say that because I didn’t necessarily find this to be true with all of the others, which I’ll talk about later. So the strength of the vibration was what I’m used to with my wand, and that made me a happy girl!

My only complaint is the material. While it’s body safe and soft, which an anal beginner like me can surely appreciate, it’s sticky even before lube is applied, meaning it collects dust easily. I really have to give it a thorough cleaning before and after use to feel safe and I dread having to put my wand down during playtime when this attachment is in use lest it pick up any stray hairs or fuzzier. And while I usually prefer flexibility for vaginal toys, a little firmness is necessary with anal accessories, at least when it comes to me playing solo. The flexible nature of this attachment made it hard to insert at times, especially if my wand was already turned on, and caused it to slip out if I moved around too much and didn’t have it inserted all the way.

Deep Glider Curved G-Spot Wand Attachment

I have such mixed but overall good feelings about this attachment. The angle of it is absolutely the most user-friendly of the four I tried. The curve allows you to use it in just about any position – lying on your back, standing up, or kneeling over it, the position I had the most success with. That being said, the girth was just a bit much for me. Not that it’s even that girthy, but if I’m not super turned on enough before use, the texture can make it painful to insert, and using too much lube can make the attachment too slippery! That’s just my anatomy and me, though, so with that being said, the fullness is very enjoyable and I love how this attachment really hits my G-spot.

With the Deep Glider, the power of the vibrations feels somehow duller once inserted, but it still does the job. I actually really enjoy this attachment despite my issues with it and it’s my second favorite of the four. Overall, the fullness is manageable but pleasing, and for me, the feeling of removing it with the vibration on sends me over the top.

Again, this glossy silicone material loves to pick up dust, so clean it well before and after use with your favorite toy cleaner or soap and warm water.

Fluttering Kiss Dual Stim Wand Attachment

The Fluttering Kiss is the attachment I absolutely love – my favorite of the four! The material is honestly the big winner for me. It’s glossy silicone still, but it almost borders on matte, making it less sticky. Because of this and the slim size, it’s definitely the easiest to insert. Due to the angle, I prefer to use it standing or kneeling over the wand, which given the size of most magic massagers can be a little annoying or troublesome if you’ve used your toy to the point that your thighs have turned to jelly. ūüėČ

While it’s slim, the width of this attachment gives the illusion of reasonable girth. The wiggling motion the vibrations create once the massager is turned on add to that. There’s a slight bit of rectal pressure depending on the position, at least with my anatomy.

Onto the “fin” of this attachment, what I assume give it its name… The slim clitoral stimulator is perfect just about any anatomy I can imagine, at least when it comes to kissing the clitoris as it’s designed to do. It fits between the outer lips and flutters over the clit once the vibrations are turned on. While I enjoy this attachment, it’s not my favorite dual sim toy ever. I like something a bit broader and less, um,¬†fluttering when it comes to my clit stimulation, but if you like butterfly kisses or light tongue flicks to your clit during oral combined with the girth of a few skilled fingers, this piece is definitely for you.

Euphoria G-Spot Wand Attachment

To be honest, I knew going into this that I wasn’t a fan of toy with this shape, but I hoped the added power of my wand’s vibes would switch things up. While it was awesome for my G-spot to get the attention it deserves, this particular shape of toy, at least with the way I’m built, creates rectal pressure, and I’m not a fan of rectal and vaginal pressure at the same time. Those who like a bi of dual/triple slim might love the Euphoria, though, if their body is like mine.

I wasn’t as thrilled with the G-spot stimulation the Euphoria provides as I was with the Deep Glider. I felt like a lot of the power was lost with the internal part of this toy, but maybe I was just too distracted by the rectal pressure thing. On the other hand, the power was¬†definitely there with the clit stimulator part. I found it to be a little too rough, but those who like a firm touch on their clit will love it. (What can I say? I’m picky.)

My favorite part of this attachment was the material. It’s almost as matte as the Fluttering Kiss attachment, so it picks up less hair and dust than the other attachments and is easy to insert. Also, the hot pink is totally cute.


I enjoyed using attachments on my wand, and I think anyone who has a massager of their own should look into Wand Essentials to find what it is their body needs. Whether you like anal stimulation, dual penetration, G-spot slim, or more focused attention to your clit, there’s something out there for everyone!

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