Writing down your own sex bucket list alone or with your partner can be a great way to spice up your sex life. You don’t need to be unwell or old to write down your bucket list. Bucket lists are a great way to brainstorm ideas about where you want to go in life!

My only sex based goals used to be the continent challenge – that is, to sleep with a guy from all of the continents. I managed Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa before settling down with a British guy. I’ve always had thing for foreign guys.



The problem with most sex bucket lists is that they are full of unpractical and unappealing ideas. I’m going to admit that the idea of joining the mile-high club (having sex on a flying aircraft) does nothing for me. Although, if this is your thing, make sure you buy a certificate or some memorabilia from the Mile-High Club website. Once you’ve thought about what you want to do, it’s time to create your own sexy bucket list.

Brainstorm your bucket list.


Set aside some time to brainstorm your ideas and write down your list somewhere private. I like to use the Evernote app or website. You can create a list of items and check them off as you complete your goals. There’s no need to rush your list so you may like to revisit it a couple of times over a week.



If you have a partner you can either write it together or separately and then agree to swap lists and talk about it. This can be a great tool for sharing your fantasies.



69 ideas for your sex bucket list!


If you need some ideas to get started, here are 69 ideas for your own sex bucket list (which may or may not be on my own!):

1. Recreate a sex scene from one of your favorite movies or television shows
2. Celebrate sex and blow job day (one month after Valentine’s day)
3. Buy some inexpensive lingerie and tell your partner they can rip it off
4. Read some erotica in bed all weekend
5. Try Ben Wa balls


6. Wake your partner up with a blow job or cunnilingus
7. Take turns blindfolding each other with a scarf, tie or silky sleep masks
8. Watch your partner masturbate with no touching
9. Take an online masturbation or sex course
10. Go through all the positions in a Kama Sutra book
11. Try sex standing up or over a table
12. Have sex in every room of your house or unit
13. Have sex in a jacuzzi or hot tub
14. Try a sex swing or sex furniture



15. Try silent disco sex (where you both wear headphones and listen to your favourite music)
16. Have sex at a drive-in movie
17. Have sex at a music festival or concert
18. Make a gift pack of sex vouchers for your partner
19. Buy a sex based board game or roll some sex dice
20. Sex while being tied up with rope


21. Watch a burlesque show
22. Try a threesome or moresome
23. Have makeup sex
24. Go to a swingers party



25. Go to a party with a remote-controlled vibrator
26. Go to bed naked
27. Silent sex with other people in the house
28. Have sex in a parked car
29. Use anal beads, a butt plug, or have anal sex
30. Sex in the rain
31. Role play with or without a costume on
32. Sex on the beach
33. Attend a sex expo or convention
34. Have sex over Skype or Snapchat



35. Watch female friendly porn together
36. Have your partner watch porn while you give them a hand or blow job
37. Have a dirty weekend away at a five-star hotel with room service
38. Have sex in the shower or a bathtub
39. Play strip poker or strip monopoly
40. Have sex in a national park (in a tent or on a picnic blanket)
41. Muck around in the back of a movie theatre
42. Hand cuff your partner to the bed
43. Attend pole dancing, stripping, or burlesque classes
44. Use a vibrator



45. Go skinny dipping
46. Make a clone-a-willy or clone-a-pussy
47. Read a book to improve your technique
48. Try a crystal wand or glass dildo
49. Have sex on a sturdy chair
50. Get a professional pin up photo taken
51. Visit your partner’s house in only shoes and a coat (go for a trench coat if you want to have a spy theme)
52. Have sex on a high-rise balcony
53. Play the dominant role over your partner
54. Play a submissive sex slave to your partner



55. Have a quickie
56. Perform a memorable blow job or cunnilingus
57. Climax at the same time as your partner
58. Have a fuck buddy or friends with benefits


59. Learn how to give a Swedish massage
60. Wear no undies to a dinner date with a dress or skirt for easy access
61. Kiss under the mistletoe or fireworks
62. Have phone sex



63. Have a one night stand with no regrets
64. Date your best friend
65. Watch a strip show
66. Try sensory deprivation (using blindfold, ears plugs etc.)
67. Have sex with someone of the same sex
68. Use ice or a cold glass dildo during sex
69. Try the 69 position



After you have created your combined bucket list with your partner you may like to print it out with lots of space between each item. Then cut out each activity individually and place them in a mason jar. When you want to spice things up you can take turns selecting an activity from the jar!

Good luck completing your list!