I applaud those who possess the patience to savor in anticipation (I commend you for your self-control, and for the art of delaying gratification). I personally am too curious a cat to keep the mystery that beckons from behind those calendar doors shut. After all, pleasure knows no bounds, and it’s there to be enjoyed. Whether you’re the kind who can relish the journey as much as the destination, or want to dive headfirst into multi-sensory delights, there’ll be plenty of thrills ahead for you in the Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar

So, whether you’re a “day-by-day” door opener or a “rip-every-door-open-ASAP” kind of person, like myself, this calendar is your oyster (aphrodisiacally and figuratively speaking), and you’re free to craft your own adventure. 

Ahead, I’ll dive into the contents of the sexiest holiday gift I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving. So, fasten your seatbelts – or in this case, your restraints – and get ready to explore everything from bondage and bullet vibrators to strokers and scented candles. 


A full image of the Lovehoney X Womanizer advent calendar with its variety of sex toys and pleasure tools.


Foreplay & Aftercare

A well-rounded sensual experience demands more than just the main event, and the Lovehoney X Womanizer Advent Calendar knows this well – ensuring you have all the ingredients for a slow start and some tender love and aftercare.  

You can ignite your evening with the allure of a Sultry Aandalwood-Scented Candle, and as its warm glow (and delicious scent) fills the room, allow it to kindle your own desire and passion. When it’s time to unwind and melt away the day’s tensions, have your partner pull out the 5-pronged Body Massager. It’s a super simple but effective tool that really helped me work out any kinks in my muscles and prime me before exploring some of my naughtier kinks later on.

The silky Vanilla Massage Oil complements this experience, allowing the massager to glide effortlessly over your skin. And when you’re ready, this kit also boasts a Minty Orgasm Balm that promises an exhilarating cool tingle.


A full image of the purple bullet vibrator included in the Lovehoney X Womanizer sex toy advent calendar.


Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is a personal favorite of mine, and I was stoked to find a range of exciting products in the calendar. Among the four, two stood out and left me totally breathless.

First up is the Mini Massage Wand Vibrator, an adorable surprise in a discreet and petite package. Although it may not match the intensity of a massive Magic Wand, its compact design and light weight make it the perfect toy to pop into a toiletry bag. As a digital nomad, it’s important to pack as lightly as possible, and with this baby, I don’t have to compromise power for pleasure. It’s easily made its way into my evergreen packing list.

Another standout in the collection is the USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, a true marvel of versatility. This sleek silver bullet defies its compact size, delivering powerful vibrations with an array of patterns and speeds. Plus, it seamlessly pairs with six other toys in the set, including a handy little Finger Vibrator Sleeve.

Now, I’ve been saving the best for last here because after I got finished using this next toy, I couldn’t help but gasp, “Holy shit.” 

Reviewing a comprehensive set of toys like these in the Lovehoney Womanizer X Advent Calendar, I never set out to experience climax with each one. However, as I began experimenting with the Womanizer Classic 2 Clitorial Stimulator, merely curious about the sensations each suction level could offer, I had no inkling of the ecstasy that lay ahead. The intrigue started with the first setting, and by the third, I was absolutely captivated. With 10 distinctive intensity levels, I was genuinely surprised that I couldn’t even reach the 7th before a climax so powerful that it stands as one of the most extraordinary I’ve ever achieved with a toy. 

Honestly, this toy alone makes the whole calendar worth every penny.


An image of the bullet vibrator, jeweled butt plug, and cock ring included in the advent calendar.


Penis Pleasure

Another thing I love about this calendar is that there are toys for people with penises, in addition to clit-specific toys and toys for the two to use together! 

First, we dove into the world of strokers, and my partner had never tried one before. The Ribbed Stroker’s soft, flexible caress took him by surprise, each ridge awakening a new sensation. With the Textured Stroker, he found a unique journey, a stretchy embrace that adapted to his desires. It was a revelation, and the smile on his face spoke volumes. I had so much fun using this on him and it will definitely be something we continue to play with often! 

Next up was the Cock Ring and sadly we were disappointed to find it much too firm and wide to do its job. My partner is well-endowed but the ring was simply inadequate. We’ll probably end up using it as an o-ring for our strap-on, though, so all is not lost. 

The Couple’s Cock Ring, on the other hand, we absolutely loved! It was tighter, more flexible, and really enhanced our connection.


An image of some kinky and bonadge items included in the advent calendar, such as a blindfold, sex dice, and more.



In the realm of kink and restraint, the calendar offers a perfect selection of items that elevate intimate play to new heights for beginners. The Under-Mattress Restraint creates an effortlessly accessible bondage experience, transforming your bedroom into a playground of desire. The separate Ankle Restraints and Wrist Restraints, adorned with gleaming silver hardware, are perfect for those exploring, offering comfort and security without feeling intimidating. 

The Blindfold adds an exciting dimension to sensory exploration, heightening anticipation with every touch. The Mini Paddle (actually a flogger) was so much fun to play with. This is another toy I’ve been dying to try and it did not disappoint. It’s a deceiving little thing that delivers a spectrum of sensations, from gentle tickles to satisfying stings, allowing you to tailor your partner’s experience. 

And, of course, the adjustable Nipple Clamps bedazzle with their allure, bestowing an extra layer of sensation and intrigue to your adventures in kink. They also just look sexy when they’re on, so that’s a hot bonus.



Finally, after delving into an array of external stimulation, you’re sure to be dripping with anticipation for some deliciously deep penetration, and the G-Spot Dildo and G-/P-Spot Massager will satisfy your craving. Both of which are compatible with the Bullet Vibrator.

The G-Spot Dildo has the perfect curve and a slight suction, but I found it wasn’t strong enough to stick to the wall or the bedframe. While the G-/P-Spot Massager was another toy I’d never used with a partner before, and we found it to be perfect for beginners. It’s a simple, no-frills massager that hit all the right spots.


A full image of three of the pieces from the 12-piece calendar, including a red jeweled butt plug.


Butt Stuff

To top off the penetrative portion of the calendar, we have two last toys that I believe should be bedside booty staples. The Crystal Butt Plug is a true gem, boasting real crystal allure that elevates aesthetics and sensations alike. It’s a dazzling addition to intimate play. On the other hand, the Anal Beads provide the perfect size for those looking to dive into the world of anal pleasure. Their silicone construction, complemented by a sturdy finger loop, makes them ideal for those seeking a satisfying, spine-tingling experience. The finger loop can also be used as a spot for the Bullet Vibrator.


Playful Fun & Games

The inclusion of Dice and the Sex Position Snap Card Game in the calendar adds a touch of playfulness and exploration to the evening. As you roll the dice (or pick a card), the thrill of anticipation builds. Each toss reveals a new position and new time limit which adds a fresh opportunity to connect with your partner in the most intimate way. And if you’re feeling a bit shy about trying any of the toys that await, the card game is a great way to help initiate playtime. I’ve personally always wanted to try a sexy card game but never actually got around to buying one, so I was really happy to see it was a part of the calendar! We had so much fun exploring spontaneous positions together, some of which we normally wouldn’t have put in the effort to try.


A close up image of the red rose-shaped vibrator included in the 12-piece advent calendar.


Final Thoughts

It’s easy to slip into a routine with a partner, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A routine can be a beautiful thing, filled with comfort, safety, and love. Yet, I’ve always believed in the importance of prioritizing unique experiences and ongoing growth. The Lovehoney X Womanizer Sex Toy Advent Calendar provided a fun and sexy way to embrace this ethos, allowing my partner and I to explore new sensations together. 

Foreplay and aftercare take center stage, with a selection of items that both slowly kindle your flame and soothe your senses. The Mini Massage Wand Vibrator, discreet and compact, has found a permanent place in my packing list.

For clitoral stimulation, the USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator and my new personal fave, the Womanizer Classic 2 Clitoral Stimulator stand out, with the latter delivering an orgasmic surprise that left me breathless.

In the realm of kink and restraint, the calendar offers a perfect selection for beginners, introducing the allure of bondage without intimidation. The Blindfold, Nipple Clamps, and Mini Paddle (flogger) offer diverse sensations, and the Under-Mattress Restraint equips you for convenient access into a world of lust.

Penetration isn’t the focal point in this calendar, but the G-Spot Dildo and G-/P-Spot Massager are still well-designed to incorporate into foreplay or completely satisfy your cravings. To top it off, the Crystal Butt Plug is an elegant addition to intimate playtime.

Overall, the calendar embraces diverse pleasures, while mostly catering the preferences of heterosexual couples, and is truly a gift that keeps on giving. From sensuality to surprises, it offers a new adventure each day. And whether you prefer to savor each of the calendar’s surprises one day at a time or eagerly tear open every door, how you take your pleasure is yours to decide. 


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