The well-loved and celebrated Magic Wand massager has recently been revamped! While all Magic Wand vibrators are world-renowned for their unparalleled orgasm-inducing power, the Magic Wand Plus is, in my opinion, the holy grail of vibrators.

Not only is it more powerful than the Original (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand massager), but it’s also sleeker, has more speeds and power, and is made with a silky-smooth silicone head. All huge wins!

I am in absolute awe of Vibratex’s ability to make the beloved Original even better — and more powerful — than before.

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A full image of the Magic Wand Plus and its detachable cord.


The Magic Wand Original vs. Plus

In order to really paint a picture of the Magic Wand Plus, I’ve given it a quick comparison to the Magic Wand Original.

In appearance, The Magic Wand Plus looks super similar to the Original. They’re both about a foot in length, off-white in color while sporting blue accents, and come equipped with sturdy plastic handles. The main design differences are in the head of the vibrator, the control panel design, and two additional speeds, one of which tops the OG in intensity!

The Plus also comes with a silky, smooth silicone head (which is superb for clitoral stimulation), while the Magic Wand Original’s head is made of vinyl with a dented ridge across the middle. The Plus’s head is less squishy and much more firm, and silky-smooth and untextured compared to the Original.

You can decide which of the four Magic Wand models best suits your desires.


Four Powerful Vibration Settings

The vibration differences are pretty prominent, too! The Magic Wand Original only has two levels: Low (5,000 rpm) and High (6,000 rpm).

The Plus has four levels: Low (2,700 rpm), Medium (3,800 rpm), High (5,400 rpm), and Ultra (6,300 rpm). This is fantastic for working your way up to higher intensities gradually, and finding the perfect vibration level for your pleasure. The highest setting is also more powerful than the Original!

While they both have to be plugged in while in use, the Magic Wand Plus cord is detachable, making it easier to store and more convenient to clean. Keep in mind that none of the Magic Wands are waterproof nor splash-proof, so to clean, simply use your favorite toy cleaner or a soapy cloth on its silicone head.


An image of the Magic Wand Plus's white, silicone head.


How intense is the Magic Wand Plus?

This classic, iconic vibrator is known to make clits orgasm over and over again with hardly any effort at all. In fact, many folks with vulvas who have never had an orgasm before thank the Magic Wand massager for giving them their very first, and it continues to help them for years to come.

For many, reaching orgasm can be a struggle, but having this powerful pleasure tool at your disposal can bring that mythical fantasy into reality. And now, with added vibration speeds and a silky, smooth head, the possibilities and orgasmic potential of the Magic Wand Plus are nearly endless.

Like the Magic Wand Original, I think the Plus has wonderful potential for beginners if they have tried other vibrators before and continually find it difficult to orgasm. If you’ve become frustrated with your fingers, and even other toys, the powerful vibrations of the Magic Wand just may be enough to finally bring you over the edge.

That said, for some people with vulvas, this vibrator will be way, WAY too intense. I can imagine that, as a virgin to sex toys, my vulva and clitoris would have had quite a shock if this was among the first toys to touch my sensitive little bits. If you’re a person whose iPhone is about the level of vibration you can handle, steer clear of the almighty Magic Wand.


A full image of the Magic Wand's long, sleek, white body with blue accents and a round, white head.


Playtime with a Magic Wand

Apply the Wand to your body with light or firm pressure. I played around with both and surprisingly found light pressure to be more stimulating than heavier, firm pressure. I also personally enjoyed pressing it down and holding it still on my clit, rather than moving it back and forth or up and down. The Magic Wand Plus‘s vibrations are extremely intense and rumbly, so I find it to be a little too overstimulating with added movement.

Also, while the Magic Wand toys are designed for clitoral use, they can be used to stimulate the head or shaft of a penis, balls, nipples, or whatever else you’d like to add a little (or a lot) of stimulation too! Just keep in mind that all the Magic Wand toys are designed for external use only, so don’t try to insert any part of this vibrator into any internal parts. However, if you do want to feel its intense vibrations in a deeper sense, you can turn the Wand into an insertable toy by purchasing specially made silicone head attachments that fit the Plus, Rechargeable, and Original. There’s even a Mini size!


Can you hear the Magic Wand in another room?

The Magic Wand Plus is loud, but I was honestly expecting it to be a lot louder. While the Original is more high-pitched and electronic, the Plus is more low-pitched and smooth. It’s less loud than the Original, but still loud enough to be heard by your roommates, and the low-wave sound frequency can travel further through the house and walls.

It definitely won’t make you cringe or reach for earplugs, but you might need to turn up your porn to hear it over the sound. If you want to keep your play sessions as quiet as possible, I would recommend saving this toy for when you know you have absolute privacy! Not only does the Plus have an audible rumble, but it’s likely to make you let out a few of your own.


A close up of the blue control buttons on the Magic Wand Plus.


Can vibrators desensitize you?

Those with vulvas have wondered many things about using vibrators on themselves – and specifically, have questioned if the Magic Wand can desensitize you.

We’ve been asked questions like: Will it make you go numb? Will it ruin your clitoris and sex life? Can it make you unable to orgasm in other ways? And will it damage you forever?!

We have a simple answer: no.

Using a vibrator won’t damage your clit or permanently desensitize you, and it’s not going to ruin your sex life. Orgasming with other things may be difficult if you’ve been holding the Magic Wand vibrator to your clit for a few minutes, but this sensation is only temporary.

If you’re still concerned, try giving your vulva some time to rest or switch up your masturbatory routine by trying something new and stimulating your senses in other ways!

Regardless, it’s a good thing to orgasm, so don’t worry about what it is that gets you there.


A close-up image showing the Magic Wand's round, white, silicone head and full body.


How to Use the Magic Wand

It’s predecessor, the Magic Wand Original, has control panel has a plastic, switch-style design, which can accidentally be switched “off” or “lower” in the heat on the moment, and doesn’t blend as seamlessly as the Plus’s silicone buttons. Instead, the Plus has three sky-blue silicone buttons which are built directly into the handle. One button for power (⏻) and two for speed (ᐩ/﹣), which are easy to control without accidentally turning the toy off.

To use the Magic Wand Plus, plug it into a wall outlet using the included cord. The base of the has a small port for the cable, which is removable for easy storage, though it needs to be plugged in for play. The 6-foot length cord plugs neatly into the port and locks in (to remove, press the nearby white square button; it’ll release the cord).

Once plugged in, you press the On/Off button once. The Plus will power on at the lowest level. Then you can simply press the (+) button to increase strength — there are four increasingly strong and steady vibrations. Press the (–) button if you’d like to decrease strength at any point. Once you’re satisfied and playtime is over, press the On/Off button to switch your Magic Wand off!


An image showing the Magic Wand Plus's long, white body and detachable cord.


Buy the authentic Magic Wand Vibrator

Remember to beware of fakes when shopping for a Magic Wand Plus. Because the Magic Wand is the most desired vibrator literally ever, there are a lot of imitations, and none are as powerful as the authentic Magic Wand. Be cautious and do your research to get your Magic Wand from a verified retailer.

The counterfeit “Magic Wands” you may find on questionable websites might be significantly cheaper—for the exact reason that they are cheaper in quality, performance, speed, and power. The quality difference really is noticeable. With an authentic Magic Wand, it’s definitely worth the extra $10 – $20 to get the real thing, and it’s great to have the 1-year warranty in case it breaks.

An authentic Magic Wand Plus will not disappoint you. It will satisfy you again, and again, and again… and again. So, I recommend not wasting your money on something lower quality and opting for a real Magic Wand Plus. You’ll thank yourself later.


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