Slutty Girl Problems

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Soft Blindfold Review

Soft Blindfold Review

Perfect for your kinky sexscapades.
Complete List of Sex Holidays

Complete List of Sex Holidays

Celebrate sex all year long.
Celebrate Yourself on Valentine's Day

Celebrate Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Single or not, celebrate yourself on the day of love. – Feelin’ Myself

The ultimate feel-good anthem.
LOVE Being On Top with The Reverse Cat

LOVE Being On Top with The Reverse Cat

Make Cowgirl even better for your clit.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots

Sensual. Sweet. Satisfying.
Surviving Valentine's Day For Singles

Surviving Valentine’s Day For Singles

The Ultimate Guide

Trivial Pursuits of Valentine’s Day

Skipping the typical Valentine's Day cliches.
Birth Control The Implant 1

Birth Control 101: The Implant

Everything you need to know about the birth control implant.

Trinity Vibes Luv Balls Review

The Ben Wa's that won't get stuck in your...
John Stamos

John Stamos

The teenage heart-throb that had us daydreaming of Uncle Jesse.
Kiss Me Lips

Does He Like Me?

Crushes, sure signs, red flags, and teenage heartbreak.
3 Easy Steps To Cure Your "Bitchy Resting Face"

3 Easy Steps To Cure Your “Bitchy Resting Face”


Naked and Dangerous.
Valentine's Day Tales from our Writers

Valentine’s Day Tales from our Writers

A peek into our "secret" slutty lives.
The Bachelor is Bonkers

The Bachelor is Bonkers

Sex and Slut Shaming on "ABC Family".
Pink Finger Cots

Finger Condoms

Making anal play much more fun.

Valentine’s Day, Tame The Struggle.

Taming your expectations, and celebrating stress-free!

The Weeknd – The Morning

The sexy artist who can work you up with just his voice.

Bleeding Heart Cocktail

Make Feb 14th a Drinking Holiday.