Slutty Girl Problems

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MTV EMA's 2013 - Show Miley

Miley Cyrus

Our Slut of the Year - telling us we can do anything we want,...

Caught by Mom

There are many ways to have horrible hookups...
Grip His Butt Sexy

Grip His Butt

Powerful sensation meets a Sex-God ego boost.

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

This sexy Summer 2013 anthem just got sluttier.
Kiril was Here

How To Not Be “That Girl” At A Party

Don't let these embarrassing moments define you.

Baby, Baby, Baby, No…

DUI's and scrutiny in the public eye.
Frozen Hot Chocolate Martini

Frozen Hot Chocolate Martini

Keeping us warm during winter.
Cosmo Magazines 1

75 Crazy Hot Sex Moves

The eyebow-raising, cringe-worthy, and laughable highlights of Cosmo.
Birth Conrol NuvaBling

Birth Control 101: The Ring

Everything you need to know about the birth control ring.

Pure Gold Discretion Review

Clitoral vibe with 10 pulse patterns, but not enough...
Abusive Relationship

I’m in an Abusive Relationship

Getting help, picking up the pieces, and finding your strength after abuse.
Eric Decker Arms Shirt Off

Eric Decker

The All American Athletic Hunk
Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

Amazing acting, down to earth demeanor, and timeless class.

Eden’s Vibrating Cock Ring Review

An easy, vibrating cock ring to make sex even...
Pink Lube

Use Lube

An essential accessory for your naughty drawer.

Go Ahead, Climb on Top!

Who said you can't sleep your way to the...

Mike Will Made-It – 23

Miley Cyrus becomes part of the rap game.

Why Spooning is Seriously Super Hot

Make this simple position even steamier.

Classic Cosmopolitan

A recipe for the cocktail that's strong, refined, and channels our inner Carrie.

Oui Personal Massager Review

The worst vibrator to ever reach my clitoris.