Explore the transformative journey at the crossroads of pleasure, data, and self-discovery with Danielle Bezalel (DB), a renowned sex educator and the host of the “Sex Ed with DB” podcast.

In this episode, we delve deep into DB’s groundbreaking masturbation study, which explores the intriguing impact of daily Magic Wand use on a variety of data points – from happiness and stress, to strength of orgasms and overall horniness. 

This episode unveils unexpected trends as we venture through the study’s results – discovering how masturbation leads to a reduction in physical tension and anxiety, increased mood and confidence, and even faster, more enjoyable orgasms. Danielle shares her own intimate odyssey, underscoring the transformative power of authenticity and unbridled self-expression in her sensuality.

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Does sex and masturbation make you happier? The Results Are In

Danielle: So the Magic Wand, the lovely, beautiful, iconic Magic Wand – I reached out to them originally saying, “Hey, what do you think about me doing a masturbation experiment with the Magic Wand?” And right off the bat, they were like, “We love it, tell us more.”

So, from the beginning, there was one major question that I really wanted to answer, that all of my data and all my information and all my tracking went back to.

That question was, what is the impact of daily Magic Wand use on my health and wellness as well as my sexual experience when compared to regular sexual activity and no sexual activity? That is a long way of saying, what’s going on if I masturbate every day and if I use the Magic Wand as the tool to do that? What does that look like? I really wanted to be intentional about this study and about tracking this data.

In terms of the experiment and how that looked, I decided the project should be a three week experiment. The first week was abstinence week, so that was no sexual activity whatsoever. The second week was treatment week, where I used the Magic Wand every day with or without my partner, so either by myself or together. And then the third week was a regular week, so regular sexual activity with and without the Magic Wand, with and without my partner, so however a typical sexual week looked like.

Every day during the experiment, I actually recorded measures on 27 variables. Stress, anxiety, productivity, mood, horniness, orgasm experience, and a lot more. And at the end of three weeks, my team and I analyzed the results by noting changes in each variable over time. The results were really wild.

Lorrae: This is so fascinating to me because I feel like when I’m having sex and I’m masturbating, I do feel better. 

But I’ve always wondered, do I feel better, so it’s making me want to have more sex and masturbate more? Or am I masturbating more and having more sex, and that’s making me feel better? 

So it’s really cool to have this actual data to answer that question. We see so much in the media about how good masturbation is for you. 

Even recently, I’ve been pretty depressed over the last year, but I’ve also not been sexually active. And when I met someone new and started masturbating again, it was like my stress and anxiety naturally started to lift. And I was like, “is it because I’m talking to somebody new? Is it because I’m masturbating more? Is it just that sexual chemistry that’s in the air?”

Danielle: First of all, thank you for sharing that. I think a lot of people, especially after enduring COVID, feel so much isolation. I kind of talk about that in my experiment results – am I horny because I’m masturbating or am I masturbating because I’m horny? And so you’re definitely hitting on some key points.

Here are a few of the highlights of the key takeaways that I want to share – there are four of them. 

So number one, when using the Magic Wand every day, I experienced less stress, anxiety and physical tension. Number two, I reported more frequent positive moods when using the Magic Wand every day, including higher levels of confidence. Number three, my orgasms came faster and were more enjoyable when I used the Magic Wand every day. And number four, to my surprise, my level of horniness actually increased over time when using the Magic Wand every day. 

My assumption about my horniness was like, “ugh, if I’m forcing myself to masturbate every day then I won’t really be in the mood for it if I’m kind of making it like a chore, a checklist item. And actually the opposite happened. My horniness increased over time rather than decreased. So I was just really fascinated by these key takeaways. 

They really showed me how pleasure, setting aside time to experience my body, centering myself and reaching orgasm, how important those things are in my daily routine.


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The Impact of Using Sex Toys in Your Relationship

Lorrae: Did you notice that the week with your partner, with or without the Magic Wand,  benefited your sex life or relationship in different ways?

Danielle: We got a lot of comments saying, “it’s actually not really fair for you to do the regular week after treatment week.” However, this was intentional – we wanted to see if there were any residual effects from using the Magic Wand every day, to, you know, going into a regular week.

So specifically, when we look at mood, confidence, and happiness, my hypothesis was that daily Magic Wand use would be associated with improved mood, confidence, and happiness when compared with abstinence week. And we hypothesized that those levels would remain improved during the regular week. And so these findings were true, actually.

Lorrae: Even though you were ovulating in abstinence week, which is usually when we’re the most confident.

Danielle: Yeah, clearly there’s something here to me gaining pleasure every day. Feeling good in my body impacted my confidence, which is amazing.

Lorrae: I love this idea of the residual effects on your relationship because so many people have a stigma about using toys and especially powerful toys in a relationship. I’ve been in relationships where they’re like, “Why would you use that? You have my penis.” My response is, “Okay, but your penis doesn’t vibrate at 6,000 rounds per second.”

These are tools that we can use to enhance our partnerships and that this data proves that.


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Can Vibrators Desensitize You? Does Masturbating Impact Libido?

Lorrae: I love that you mentioned faster and more enjoyable orgasms with the Magic Wand, because there’s a stigma around using sex toys and particularly sex toys that are high-powered, that it’s going to desensitize you or that you’re gonna get “addicted,” We all say as sex educators that that’s not the case, that that doesn’t happen. The Magic Wand is bringing more intensity to the orgasms and that you’re able to get there quicker – it’s a useful tool. 

Did you find that these results were true in the week that you were using just the Magic Wand versus Magic Wand with a partner or partnered sex alone?

Danielle: So, the tricky thing about comparing the seven orgasms I had during treatment week versus the two, I believe, orgasms I had during regular week is there’s not enough data points in there to really delve into that. 

But out of the two orgasms that we compared it to, that’s the stat that we had. If you go to The Magic Wand Experiment, you can see the entire thing.

We also have some limitations and that’s one of the limitations that we talk through in addition to us realizing, what’s going on with my period, hormonally? Where am I at? I kind of talked through this in the limitation section, but my prediction was that I was ovulating around the beginning of abstinence week.

Lorrae: That’s so difficult, oh my gosh.

Danielle: It was tough, I’ll tell you. I was on a plane and I was watching Pretty Woman for the first time. I had never seen that movie and I was blown away. Let me tell you, if you haven’t seen this film, run, don’t walk to go watch it. It is very good, very sexy, and I just remember being like, “Shit, I can’t masturbate, and I’m super horny right now”, and that just wasn’t something that I expected.

So anyway, we go through all of these really interesting pieces around hormones and what that looks like, as well as talking about kind of other limitations or what would happen if it were replicated. By the way, we have a template that you can go download in the article for you to try this experiment yourself.

Lorrae: That’s so interesting to me as well because I know my libido shifts so much throughout my cycle and even from period cycle to period cycle. Sometimes I could be super horny, sometimes I’m in so much pain that I’m like don’t come near me, I’m miserable. So it can really have an effect.


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Whether you’re drawn to the allure of pleasure’s science or contemplating a voyage into sex-positive realms, this episode offers valuable insights and comforting encouragement – all set to awaken your senses and empower your journey.


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