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Rihanna – Skin

Why We Love It

Unlike all the songs we hear now about shoes, clothes, cars and money; this song discusses the love of skin. Not too often do we like to embrace our natural naked body as the sexiest thing we own: Rihanna tells it like it is. The only thing she’s concerned with is having fabulous naked sex. I don’t know about anyone else, but I rarely have naked sex. This is purely because of the fact I don’t like getting too up close and personal with guys, but this song makes me want to find that guy that rips clothes off as soon as the door’s closed, or maybe even in public? Depends on what you drink I suppose.

During the first verse of the song, I just want to touch myself and pull clothes off and around my body, sweating and smudging lipstick you know? I’m sure you’ll feel my vibe.

When to Play It

Preferably when walking through a dimly lit alley where no one will attack you as you strut your stuff in fishnets and ripped clothing. You could also play it as you lean against a wall and slut drop against it in slow motion, wind blowing your hair back. If you don’t have these facilities, I would strongly advise you add it to the bedroom playlist: near the start to start the progressiveness of embracing nakedness. I like to personally listen to it before I sleep, writhing around like I’m making my own music video. It’s a winner.

Favorite Lyrics

  • “I got a secret that I wanna show you oh.” – Our naked bodies are as secret as we like.
  • “Go deep,” – Do we not all want this?
  • “Why you standing over there with your clothes on?” – The song is called Skin and not clothes, come on, take it off.
  • “You a beast eh, you know that I like that.” – A naked beast? Rough and rugged and grizzly like a bear, or is that just me?
  • “Just put your skin baby on my skin” – This is perfect if you are intimate with your sex, skin on skin is amazing.

Bottom Line

Being naked is brilliant.  EVERYBODY GET NAKED!


OneThing // Author

Life as a British female often carries harsh burdens like maintaining proper etiquette. But that's a little tricky considering I'm not of this Earth. Usually found in the gym, either building muscle or staring at it... I'll be the one dancing with my flies undone and burping without an apology. During my time as a promiscuous alpha female I have realised that some guys only want one thing, that being a relationship.

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  1. Slutty Girl Problems
    Site Administrator

    Totally forgot about this song! SO hot <3

  2. Cherry-Vanilla Babe

    Slut Like You by P!nk should definitely be on this list.

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