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1. Conquering Cowgirl with Confidence

Climbing on top can be really intimidating. No matter how many times you’ve taken charge at the rodeo, riding cowgirl can bring up insecurities you didn’t even realize you had – let alone awkwardness when you can’t get the rhythm quite right. That’s why our post on Conquering Cowgirl with Confidence was so popular! In our guide, we went over all the best ways to make the most of this position – and how to rock it like a pro. In this position, you can control to speed, depth, angle, and overall rhythm of your motions, giving you total control of your orgasm. Meanwhile, his hands have direct access to your breasts, clitoris, and ass – allowing him to lay back and enjoy the view while his hands roam across your hot spots… and we can show you how to do it right!

Actually, ALL of our sex position spotlights were popular this year! Each guide takes you in-depth to learn how to make your favorite positions even hotter. The Coital Alignment Technique was another favorite, as it’s a simple twist on missionary position that brings your clitoris to heaven. Can’t go wrong with that! If you want to try this same clitoral pleasure with girl on top, try the Reverse Cat!

Also super popular: Best Sex Positions for HerMake Missionary Hotter, & Doggy Style – but really, all of our sex position spotlights are awesome. This year, we’ll have many more!

2. The Slutty Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Blow Jobs

In this award-winning post, we covered literally everything you’ve ever wanted to know about giving the perfect blow job! This post includes details about the basics, how to handle personal preferences, how to use your hands, what to do with your teeth, how to handle his balls, how to deep throat, if you should spit or swallow, and how to give it a personal touch. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be able to give the best blow job EVER!

3. The Ultimate College Bucket List

Some say college is a four year party, but we here at Slutty Girl Problems (and our Illuminaughty readers) know that it’s so much more. College is the one time in your life when you can embrace freedom and irresponsibility. You can hook up with strangers, get blackout every weekend, and do nearly anything you want with virtually no consequences. It is also the time to set goals – like who you want to sleep, in which positions, and check them off your list now, because you’re one black out away from forgetting it all. That’s where our College Bucket List comes in. Whether you’re a freshman just starting your college journey, or an experienced senior ready to tie up loose ends, this list will ensure you make the most of your college “career”.

4. Penis Pro: The Slutty Girl’s Guide to Dicks

Sometimes, you come across a dick that just baffles you… Small dicks, too-big dicks (yes, there really is such a thing), hairy dicks, and dicks that look like nothing you’ve seen before. We know, girl. Here’s a guide to 5 different types of dicks you may encounter, and how to handle them with finesse! Just like the Penis Pros, you’ll be able to handle any variety of dick that comes your way!

5. 5 Tips for a Great Friend With Benefits Relationship

Having a dedicated friend with benefits is almost a rite of passage for every slutty girl. But being friends while having sex can sometimes be tricky, confusing waters. Not all can last the test of time, and having sex may impact your friendship. But, there are ways to make your friendship and “friends with benefits” relationship last, without a bunch of drama. These top 5 tips ensure that your FWB relationship stays fun, light, alive, without any feelings at all – because that’s how slutty girls do it!



6. The 6 Booty Calls Every Girl Should Try

Finding a new booty call is about as hard as interviewing candidates for a new job. Not only does he have to be completely sexy and know that you just want to have a good time – but he needs to understand that you deserve respect. You are fucking proud of who you are and what you do! It takes a certain kind of guy to understand this. Beyond this, the key to booty calls is having the perfect array of men in your rotation so you don’t get bored… and so that each time, you experience something completely different. With this in mind, here’s a list of the six types of booty calls that every girl should have, and where you can find them with one simple text at around 12:30 AM on a drunken Friday.

7. Hot Oral Sex Tips from a Sexpert

While some people think of it as foreplay, oral sex can be and is just another form of sex all on its own. Here are some hot tips from sex expert Domina Doll, on how to perfect your oral sex technique – on both guys AND girls! She covers all the hottest pleasure zones, and how to utilize them to get your partner moaning with pleasure. Take some tips from the pros… and become one yourself with this awesome guide!

8. To Shave or Not to Shave?

One of our most asked advice questions ever, with a response that quickly brought this post to all-time-best status.

9. The 95 Best Things About Being Single

Being single doesn’t mean you’re defective, lonely, or not good enough to be in a relationship. In fact, it’s the most liberating, exciting, and beautiful time in your life! Instead of being tied down to one man – you’re free to date whoever, whenever, and wherever you choose. It’s the only time in your life when you can truly do YOU, without having to answer to or please anyone else. Some say they’re single because they’re waiting for the right man to come along… others say they just haven’t found anyone else as awesome as them to share their life with. But I say, I’m not even SINGLE – I’m just having a long term relationship with fun, happiness, less stress, and freedom… and having too much fun to break up with myself! When the single life seems like it’s getting old, re-read these 95 reasons why being single is actually the best.

10. The Partner in Crime

She’s the person that doesn’t judge you, gets you laid, picks you up the morning after, and helps you bury a body. She is the friend that could move across the country, hate your boyfriend, or even tell you the $300 handbag you bought is hideous – without you cutting her out for good. She was probably at your 21st birthday; she probably picked you up when you fell down the stairs outside of the bar; and she might have yelled at everyone, “IT’S OKAY, IT’S HER BIRTHDAY!” before she proceeded to carry you home and hold your hair back while you puked. Meet your Partner in Crime.

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