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We’ve compiled our Top 10 Best Posts of 2015 – based on your views (over 3.4 million of them this year)!


1. The Coital Alignment Technique

Most women can’t climax without clitoral stimulation, and That Cat position totally solves that dilemma. The Coital Alignment Technique (The Cat) is a variation of missionary that directly stimulates the clitoris, giving this traditionally bland position a big boost of pleasure. Women only have a few nerve endings in their vaginas, and usually they are located within the first two inches. (Imagine how much more child birth would hurt if the vagina was jam-packed with feeling!) So, for many women, intercourse alone is simply not enough to orgasm. But, with positions designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, sex becomes an orgasmic treat rather than just going through the motions. Certainly better than missionary, we’re willing to bet that The Cat is one of the best hands-free, clitoral pleasure positions out there.

2. The Slutty Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Blow Jobs

In this award-winning post, we covered literally everything you’ve ever wanted to know about giving the perfect blow job! This post includes details about the basics, how to handle personal preferences, how to use your hands, what to do with your teeth, how to handle his balls, how to deep throat, if you should spit or swallow, and how to give it a personal touch. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be able to give the best blow job EVER! This was also our 2nd most popular post last year!

3. Sexy Piercings

As many sluts do, I see my body as a playground. A playground for me and whoever I permit to view it. Therefore, like any playground mine would not be complete without decorations; graffiti if you will. Tattoos and piercing are often our preferred decor. I have an itty bitty tattoo that does not make me cool or qualify me as a sexy tattoo lady, but I do have some badass piercings!

In this article, I hope to share with you what I have experienced with these piercings – both during sexy time and just in plain old life – so that you can make an informed decision if you choose to get a piercing to increase your pleasure, and in all aspects of your piercing’s life.

4. It’s Going Down, Sluts Yelling Tinder

So it sounds like an awesome idea in theory, but once you get to using it, and talking to or meeting people, things can get a little weird. Weird in both good and bad ways. With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at using this app and getting what you want out of it. Believe it or not, there are some guys on the app who are looking for a potential relationship. There are also guys who want a one night stand and to never have to talk to you ever again. On the other hand, there are guys who don’t know what they want, or what you want.

5. 5 Tips for a Great Friend With Benefits Relationship

Having a dedicated friend with benefits is almost a rite of passage for every slutty girl. But being friends while having sex can sometimes be tricky, confusing waters. Not all can last the test of time, and having sex may impact your friendship. But, there are ways to make your friendship and “friends with benefits” relationship last, without a bunch of drama. These top 5 tips ensure that your FWB relationship stays fun, light, alive, without any feelings at all – because that’s how slutty girls do it! Strangely enough, this was also our #5 most popular post last year!

6. Her Best Sex

Once you get good at having orgasms on your own, and bring those same skills and techniques to your partner, you can turn up the heat with some hot sex positions that are more likely to stimulate you in the right spots, and give you the pleasure you’ve been craving. Here are some sex positions that can increase your chance of reaching orgasm, because sex should always be orgasmic for both sides!

7. Spooning

Spooning is the perfect blend of passion and intimacy. It combines the body-to-body, side-by-sidecloseness of romantic sex positions, with the power and excitement of going at it from behind. Meanwhile, both of you are comfortable lying down, and neither person is totally “in power”. Rather, both of you are moving in tandem to give you the ultimate pleasure. Whether you’re into clitoral stimulation or g-spot penetration, Spooning will hit your favorite spots and allow both of your hands to roam all over your body. Meanwhile, his and your hands have direct access explore your hotspots, and you can even guide his hands if he’s not hitting it quite right. If you’re looking to try anal, this is the perfect position to get started with. With some easy entry, a lot of comfort, and plenty of closeness to keep going slow – anal sex is much easier.

8. BDSM 101: The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

he term is sometimes thrown around willy-nilly, without much real meaning attached. Often, it is the first thing people seem to mention when anything refers to anything kinky…  and depending on who you talk to, responses to those four letters can invoke reactions from horror to shock to amazement. But what exactly IS BDSM? What do those letters mean? What do you do if you want to try it? What should you try first? I’ve decided today to share some of the most frequently asked questions with you, along with some helpful, researched answers.

9. The Ultimate College Bucket List

Some say college is a four year party, but we here at Slutty Girl Problems (and our Illuminaughty readers) know that it’s so much more. College is the one time in your life when you can embrace freedom and irresponsibility. You can hook up with strangers, get blackout every weekend, and do nearly anything you want with virtually no consequences. It is also the time to set goals – like who you want to sleep, in which positions, and check them off your list now, because you’re one black out away from forgetting it all. That’s where our College Bucket List comes in. Whether you’re a freshman just starting your college journey, or an experienced senior ready to tie up loose ends, this list will ensure you make the most of your college “career”. This post was also on our most popular list last year!

10. Hooking Up Anonymously on the Internet

As you may or may not know, there are lots of horny people in the world. And I mean A LOT. In my experience, it’s a seemingly endless supply of people desperate to do some form of genital smushing. This is doubly true online. You don’t even have to be looking for sexy times, and then suddenly you will find yourself with a lap-full, asking if you prefer blondes or brunettes. And maybe asking for your credit card number too, but that’s for people who enjoy spending money (fine, yes, I like spending money. I’m just too poor to afford it). So the question is: Where do I go to find the other (cheap) horny people? There must be somebody out there who would be willing to sext my glorious ass.

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