A complete list of Sex Holidays to keep you celebrating all year round!



Sexual Health

Week 1: Learn about Birth Control Methods and preventing pregnancy.
Week 2: Learn about STDs and how to protect yourself.
Week 3: Strengthen your PC muscles for intense, stronger orgasms. Clench your PC muscles, or use Kegel Exercisers!
Week 4: Stay active with healthy fitness and motivation tips. A healthy body means a healthy sex drive!



Month of Love

Week 1: Love yourself all month long! Treat yourself to a new sex toy to start.
Week 2: Whether you’re celebrating with a partner or solo, there’s no reason not to feel sexy. Get dolled up with our sexiest lingeriemakeup, and hair tips!
Week 3: Explore and get excited with our Slutty Sutra of Sex Positions.
Week 4: It’s also National Condom Month! Protect yourself with thin condoms for more sensation, flavored condoms for blow jobs, minty condoms for a tingly feeling, and novelty condoms just for laughs!



Massage Month

Week 1: Learn the art of erotic massage – with sexy massage oils, oil candles, sensation lotions, and books to perfect your technique!
Week 2: Give yourself an erotic massage with our favorite masturbation techniques and sex toys.
Week 3: Share the love of massage with a partner, and try out some of our hand job and blow job techniques.
Week 4: Turn up the heat of your massage with massage toys, the ultimate erotic massage experience.

Special Day: 
March 14: Steak and Blow Job Day! The total opposite of Valentine’s Day, where ladies treat their man to a “nice night out”.



April Showers

Week 1: Have sex in the shower! Who knew getting clean could be so dirty? Stay wet in the water with Silicone-Based Lubes, try out some Waterproof Vibes, and invest in some shower sex accessories to help your grip!
Week 2: Shower yourself in gifts! Do some spring cleaning on your old sex toys, and treat yourself to something new!
Week 3: The shower isn’t the only place to get wet… Learn about lubricants and try some of our favorites to stay slippery.
Week 4: April 24 is National Lingerie Day! Treat yourself to some gorgeous lingerie, guaranteed to get you feeling even sexier.

Special Day: 
April 12: My Birthday!! Celebrate with me! Go out, have fun, take a shot, dance on tables, and go home with a hottie in my honor. Share the love on Twitter to document your slut-scapades!



National Masturbation Month

Week 1: Learn about your erogenous zones, the spots that will have you writhing in pleasure before you even go below the belt.
Week 2: Tease and please your clitoris with our masturbation techniques and favorite clitoral vibes.
Week 3: Rock your G-spot with our favorite G-spot techniques, vibrators, dildos, and rabbits!
Week 4: Rock your world with our all time favorite sex toys, sure to bring you to a screaming O! Or, check out a couple’s sex toy, for when you’re down to play with a partner.



Summer Lovin – Outdoor Fun

Week 1: Going on vacation this summer? Find the perfect Travel-Friendly Vibe to take with you on your adventures.
Week 2: Get inspired with some of our favorite sex tips, or check out our favorite Hook Up Horror Stories. Share your tips and stories in the comments or in your own posts!
Week 3: Outdoor sex means getting creative… try some of our favorite Sex Positions to find the perfect fit for your sexscapades!
Week 4: Get naughty in public with a small Clitoral Vibrator, or try Vibrating Panties.


National Pickle Month

Week 1: Tickle his pickle with our hand job techniques. A good ole’ fashion is always welcome.
Week 2: Treat your partner to the ultimate gift, with our blow job techniques and deep throating guide.
Week 3: July 20th is National Lollipop Day! Turn his “lollie” into candy with our favorite flavored lubes. July 21st is National Hand Job Day – so celebrate well!
Week 4: Go beyond his pickle with some prostate play. It may not be his cup of tea, but you can’t knock it ’til you try it!

Special Day: 
July 14: Slutty Girl Problems was born!! Celebrate the birth of SGP – founded on a hot, summer’s day at the beach. Learn about Slutty Girl Problems and Meet Our Founder – then go out, hook up, get weird, and live freely in the true SGP spirit. Share your night with us on Twitter to document the occasion!




Week 1: Learn the basics of BDSM with some safety tips and light play techniques.
Week 2: Amp up your kink game, and get naughty with bondage, restraints, and spreaders!
Week 3: Bring BDSM to a new level with impact and pain play. Try out spanking, paddles, floggers, riding crops, and clamps!
Week 4: Turn your bedroom into your own private dungeon. Check out some sex swings and furniture!



Back to School with Sex Education

Week 1: It’s always the right time of year to practice safe sex. Learn about birth control, STDs, pregnancy, condoms, and protecting yourself.
Week 2: Learn about your body and keep your lady bits healthy. Check out our posts on masturbation, kegel exercises for stronger orgasms, and invest in some sex toys to keep you feeling good.
Week 3: Learn about your partner’s body. Check out some hand job, blow job, and prostate techniques to help him feel great, too!
Week 4: Feel the pleasure together with our sex tips, guides, and favorite positions. Feel free to keep it kinky and check out some taboos!



Breast Health Awareness & Role Play

Week 1: Start out with taking care of your breasts, a typically overlooked aspect of your sexual health. Learn how to do a proper breast exam, and make sure to go to your gyno if you feel any lumps.
Week 2: Delve into role play with some erotic costumes that go beyond lingerie… play your hand as a sexy school girl, cop, fire fighter, nurse, or more… and let your imagination take over!
Week 3: Explore your kinky side further with some dominatrix costumes… or play the submissive role!
Week 4: Put your “costume” into action! With Halloween this week, you can bring your fantasies into the real world, and no one will even question it.

Special Day: 
October 21: International Fisting Day! Celebrate as you will… if you will.


Prostate (and Pussy) Awareness

Week 1: Learn about your own anatomy, and make an appointment with your gynecologist to get a yearly check up and keep yourself healthy and safe.
Week 2: Keep your lady bits fit with kegel exercises and kegel balls. Then show it some love with our favorite sex toys!
Week 3: Please your partner’s prostate with our prostate tips and anal toys.
Week 4: Teach your partner to please you with our tips for your pleasure!



Season of Giving

Week 1: Find the perfect gifts for your hookup, best friend, and yourself with our Naughty Holiday Gift Guide!
Week 2: Treat yourself to some sexy lingerie, and if you’re feeling particularly naughty, give a private show to someone special.
Week 3: Make your sex so good that Santa comes… twice! Brush up on your sex tips and learn a few new Slutty Sutra Positions. Then make sure Santa brings you a new Sex Toy!
Week 4: Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving… and blow your mind with stronger orgasm techniques!